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Friday, August 29, 2008 by Bea

During the past few weeks of my vacation leave before my 1st day at Mondo Cucina (Smeg Philippines), I decided to hit the malls.

First, I went to Robinson's Galeria, ate my fave Takoyaki, and had my dessert at Cerealicious where they made cereals, ice cream, chocolates, milk, and shaved ice together. I chose the flavor "Harry Butter and the Finger of Azkaban." Yeah, they use famous movies for flavors. Anyway, the flavor was made up of frosted cereal, butterfinger, vanilla ice cream, candy sprinkles on top of the milk & shaved ice.

Then I bought some clothes for my new job, and a few pieces for casual wear. I know, I'm a girl, so sue me. :P

I went to Megamall today and had a very late lunch at the French Baker, coz I have this craving for tomato sauce in my pasta. Kudos to their beef & tomato menu, it was the taste that I have in mind.

Then I went to Powerbooks, and good thing they have 20% discount since the interior design books cost quite a lot. I bought the biggest and most informative kitchen design book, complete with installation of refrigerators, hot water, etc. Then I also bought a sewing book (I'll be asking my mom to give me her old sewing machine), and a Filipino Cuisine book. Don't get me wrong, I know how to cook - I just want to improve more by alternative flavorings, ingredients, and other techniques. ^^

After crashing back to my house, I took few shots from my cam - I miss uploading in my DA. ^.^

My bestfriend & former college classmate texted me & informed me if I wanted to work with her in GMA 7. But I politely refused, and told her I'll probably gain more experience first before hitting broadcasting - my major.

Yes, this is what I do besides gaming. It's what we can call as my other life. :)

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