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Friday, August 22, 2008 by Bea

I finally found my oldest screenshots ever!

Morticia Addams - since I always wear black, they hence gave me the name in Audition once it was released. But I wasn't that good in playing back then, players actually pwned me during my first dance with them. @_@

GM Morticia's Challenge - Dance with the Players in Choreo

I wore the CuteVon Dutch Style from Top to Bottom~ And the first featured outfit in the official website before was chosen by me - the Gothic Lolita Dress. From the cute lolita themes, I decided to change my outfit to punk - hence they called Tritania as "Ate Avril" because of the Aurora hair, black tube, plaid skirt, and knee-high boots. She was more popular than my GM character, and most of the players told me to dress-up like her.

Morticia / Noir in Domination 1 - Your GM and Facilitator in Audition booth~

Still in keeping with my "Gothic" theme, I changed my name to Noir - and I was super active in conducting in-game and on-ground events that I enjoyed as long as the players were happy. ^^

Audition Tourney in EGG MOA - I'm the girl in the baby blue e-Games Shirt~ (Myx is beside me XD)

Me & GM Lowe during Domination 1

I remembered the Project Dancefloor, The Dynamic-4, Night 4 Showdown tournaments that even reached till Tarlac (during Cybergames). And of course, the fashionistas that were put into test by dressing up their characters and show it off to their fellow Audistas.

Darrick's Video Masterpiece of GM Showdown~

I had fun hanging out with the players, be it in-game or during EBs.

I just hope this won't be the last time that I'll be seeing them, there'll be lots of events that will provide me opportunity to have a reunion of course! ^.^

what would life be
without a song or a dance
what are we?

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