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Anime Previews: Romeo & Juliet

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 by Bea

Before I continue on my memoirs, let's have a break shall we?

Another upcoming anime series by Gonzo will make another legendary hit (hopefully) on its debut of a remake/rendition of Romeo & Juliet. To those who loved playing Granado Espada, and other Renaissance-like aspects will definitely see this one.

However, contrary to what Lord Shakespeare had done ages ago, this one will have a twist of its own. Check out the trailer here:

Here we can see Juliet will have her own action scenes as well.

The story begins with flashback to an infant Juliet escaping the massacre of the Capulet family at the hands of Laertes Montague. It then flash forwards fourteen years later with Montague ruling the fantasy land Neo Verona with an iron fist; Juliet helps the common folk in a Robin Hood-like fashion while Romeo protests his father's cruelty. They meet by coincidence at the Rose Ball and fall in love at first sight. However, when Juliet turns sixteen and learns the truth of her heritage, her love becomes conflicted between revolution and devotion.

Oh yes, the famous star cross'd lovers. The voices (Seiyuu) will be Fumie Mizusawa as Juliet, who also became the voice of Ichiko Aida (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori) & Minamoto no Hikaru (Otogizoshi); Takahiro Mizushima as Romeo, who also became the voice of Christopher Armalite (Scrapped Princess) and Katsushita (Gokusen).

I know we shouldn't support piracy and stuff, however in Anime series, if it's not licensed yet, it's legal to redistributed accordingly as said in most of the subtitles provided by the infamous FanSubs. I usually buy my Anime series here: http://anime-gokuraku.cjb.net/ so feel free to contact him.

So Anime & Game enthusiasts alike, try to check out the upcoming titles soon. I believe most of the unlicensed series will be available in torrents and other websites for free downloads.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_x_Juliet

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Palukz™ said...

Maganda theme song nyan...

Japanese version ng "You raise me up"

Veya said...

napakinggan ko nga eh

may kopya ka nun? ^.^

kittykatie said...

nice ^_^
romeo x juliet

love it...

nanunuod ka pouh pala nuh... hhehehe
la lang

Veya said...


yup~ try to watch re-makes in anime version, some are better than the original :)