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Memoirs of Me - A GameMaster Part I

Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Bea

I started out as someone who has a strong passion for games, just like you and your seatmate in the iCafe, or your fellow guildmate, or your friends who also love to play every now and then. I started out by playing International MMORPGs - and even Ran Online - I started to play it during the OBT stage in Malaysia. Before, I don't even know what a GM is. I wasn't sure if that was a game slang, a system, or a trend in online games. But when I saw a God-like figure with rocking armor, costumes, and weapons infront of me years ago, I decided to become just like one of them - the GameMasters.

My interview was intimidating, since in just half of the day, I got to meet the GM Head and Steve Tsao himself, and he was very friendly since he's also a gamer! After I got in, now what?
It was fun, of course. I get to test everything - new maps, items, armors, costumes, weapons, and skills even before they get to be released. But I share this secret with myself only, and of course with my co-GMs. I cannot disclose any stuff in-game unless they've given me permission to do so, via the official announcements. And the most exciting part is to meet all of these players that has the same passion as I have for the games. And of course, we would talk all-day, in-game, in the forums, and thru the first GC YM that I created. (I still do my tasks well, multi-tasking is my expertise ^_~)

Ran Guild Congress 2007 - I helped out at the merchandise booth and we sold out my fave shirt "Mamaw" in which lots of players were satisfied with their purchases, plus my moment: my skirt is not for sale! ~_~

I also miss the original team - the pioneers! I enjoyed spending lots of time with them, and I also learned a lot from them. Perhaps I owe it to them for my staying as a GM - the experience of what I've expected, and the surprising ones are the foundation of my perseverance and patience in building the community with them. Reunion perhaps in-game? Maybe, and who knows? Everything is possible when you're with them. They're not only my colleagues, but my true friends - those that can tell you to face the harsh reality, and the ones that keep me in track of our goals.

Quoting GM Imrahil on his experience: Exciting because gamers think you're a God, but what they don't know is we still scream like a little kid while getting pwned during PVP

Very true! OMG, most of the time, I'm like all bouncy and laughing on during PK, PVP; anything in-game action always gets the thrill out of me. It's like having a first-time experience on a bike, or infront of an audience or something like that. You can imagine us screaming and guessing who will win, or when the last HP is on the line. XD~

First Fight Club in-game event - your best 8 guild members get to compete

GM BoOM gave me the red outfit with the totally cute backpack. That was like ages ago, wherein GM Solus also wore the outfit, and together, the three of us strolled in the marketplace where we were ambushed by all of the players taking screenshots. I'll try to get that screenshot out of my archives. But it was one of those moments that would always make me smile whenever I'm reminiscing. ^^

There were sad moments as well, this guild telling us that their fellow member died (not relating to the game), and eventhough I never met the player in person, me & GM BadLungs went in-game infront of the E-Room with all of these guild members doing an in-game prayer in memory of their friend. Just what I've learned from an anime, is that when a person dies, eventhough you never got a chance to know them better, will always give you that sad feeling.

Let's go back to happy moments! (I sound like Peter Pan @_@) There's this small on-ground event - the first Ran Online Thematic Cosplay event in Greenhills, where most people would cosplay as their fave characters or even monsters. Since it was sudden, I have to improvise with my own school outfit and the cute Shaman backpack. You can check the pictures here shot my my dear friend Erving: http://cosplay.ph/photogallery.php?album=72

Here are my fave shots:

The Winner & Me - I tried stealing the staff ~_~

These guys are so cool! Did I mention that they're Ran Online players, and the Shaman is actually a dude? ^^

Spot Steve Tsao! He was actually inspired by the cosplay, and he decided to become a brawler during Domination 1 ^^;

I need to cut this off, and will continue my memoirs soon. Happy Gaming! ^_~

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