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August 2008 Birthday Celebrants!

Monday, August 25, 2008 by Bea

Happy happy birthday to two of the people I gave salute to~!

Happy Birthday GM Lee!
Product Manager of Ran Online~

This guy who had all of the players asking for during walk-ins back at the office, and the person who will also be the best CM of e-Games (Lee was former GM / Community Manager / Assistant Product Manager).

Happy Birthday CM Hrin!
Regional Community Manager of Granado Espada~

My sister and partner-in-crime, the girl that I had party with, and I had a blast during her stay here in the Philippines (next time I'll visit you in Singapore again and party there! no business trip this time!).
And oh, our favorite Gossip Girl, Blake Lively who plays Serena dan ver Woodsen also celebrates her birthday today. Can't wait to watch the Second Season as well~!

That's about it!


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