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Memoirs of Me - A GameMaster Part II

Sunday, August 17, 2008 by Bea

Remember Fight Club, School Wars, Defend the VIP, Auction, Sale, Easter, Wedding, and all of those in-game events in Ran Online?

I'm proud to be part of those memorable events. Check out the screenshots below along with its corresponding captions:

The School Wars

Sacred Gate

Mystic Peak


The war begins...

In-Game Auction/Sale for the Winning School~

Easter Event - exchange candies for burr, prot/lux pots~

I was married~! ^.^

I can't seem to find some of the screenshots I had during the random visits in-game, however I found some of the recent ones I took during one of the Ran Online guild's anniversary.

I've also remembered the first e-Games EB at SM Bicutan, wherein we conducted a School Rumble, and everyone, even my co-GMs back at the office, had a blast in managing the in-game tournament. I had a good time, even with the models, since I've taught them in the basics of the game and how to manage the players during the event.

Posing with the first batch of Ran Girls~

With this, I hope I'll be able to keep track on my moments in Ran Online. I'll end this temporarily, and will create an article on Audition & O2Jam for my next memoirs.

xoxo~! ^_~

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