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Game Previews: Zhuxian II

Sunday, October 12, 2008 by Bea

Journey to Immortality

This Oriental-themed MMORPG, Zhu Xian, had its name and story that caught my attention.

Remember my first preview on the 2 videos? There's a connection on the three main characters, possibly a love triangle. I'm not sure who's the bad girl, or if the leading man is on the good side. I've never read the book wherein this game was inspired from it.

But according to ZXOnline's Official PH Community Blog, the story was a love triangle - wherein the leading man fell inlove with those two main lady characters, one in green, and the other in white. I wonder who's love is greater than the other?

The three main characters:

Anyway, there are a lot of discussions that howcome e-Games got this game since it's under Perfect World. However, if we all read closely, the developer named themselves after their first game, which is PW, hence everyone got confused if they're releasing the same game. Actually the name that they're pertaining to are the developers - the Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd.

That is how we read it from the press release... hopefully the others will follow and understand the content.

I loved the background scenery though, it gives out that "Asian feeling" to it. Call me corny or mushy, but I find MMORPGs with romance themes quite interesting and entertaining. I'm such a total cornball to stuff like these. ^.^

The flying swords, the costumes and the scenery reminds me of the movie, "Hero," played by famous actors & actresses such as Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi and Maggie Cheung.

We all hope that the unique features and game systems will push the MMORPG industry more than the usual. Until then, almost every gamer is anticipating for the said game - perhaps to enjoy it, just try it out, or eventually will play all throughout the next months after its release. ^_~

Image sources: http://photo.mmosite.com/

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Anonymous said...

I like the stern look of the one in white~ <3

Irvin Ryan said...

Looks great in full detail... I want to alpha/beta test this game ^_^

Veya said...


but you know, that's the good girl, the one in green was the evil side ^^;

Veya said...


i know! it's almost here! can't wait as well :D

Euri said...


Ah! I know this game!!