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Aftermath: Congratulations Ran Team Philippines!

Sunday, October 5, 2008 by Bea

After a long day in SMX Convention filled with all Pinoys supporting their country, of course, and also enjoying the said Ran Global Tournament.

I was there to help out again, in merchandise, selling all kinds of Ran GT souvenirs, and also since I'm also studying photography these days, I borrowed a DSLR from my former colleague and friend, and also became a photographer awhile ago. I helped out also one of my friends back in my 'WeAreAnime' days, Ana, with her first-time field photography for Mangaholix.

I was also the information center of all e-Games staff, where to find them, etc. XD~

At first, we all thought heaven and hell have decided to twist the fate of Ran Philippines Team. The first 2 matches were lost, but suddenly gained so much by winning 3 consecutive matches! Thus, enabling them to go into semi-finals up to championship.

Let's skip a few parts where everyone was watching, screaming themselves hoarse, and cheering for the team by shouting Laban Pinas!

The championships is best of 5, wherein they tied on the 4th battle, where everyone was already cheering so loudly on the final match - in which Team Philippines won, and for my fave moments, was they took out 2 of the opponents' characters at once: Double PK!

***Caution: Heavy uploading of images, 640 x 480 pixels maximum***

Grand Champions of Ran Global Tournament 2008 - Team Philippines (Terminator)

2nd Place - Team Malaysia

3rd Place - Team Hongkong

The 2008 Ran Calendar Girls

Mocha after their superb performance~

Me & Jes at the VIP lounge, still looking fresh even after all that work~

me, Ivee, Ching & Jane, goofing around and sliding down the beanbags in the lounge~

Congrats again! All the hardwork was worth it after that~ ^.^

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Nerbie said...

Wow! Team Philippines Really won. Too bad I need to go home after their second match in which they bowed to team taiwan.

I also have some shots on my link.

Veya said...

hi nerbie!

thanks for sharing your pics as well~ :D

Euri said...


Me loves you top!!! ♥♥

Veya said...

thanks to rockndoll for the top

lolz~ ^^

Euri said...


Jhon Doe said...

Congratulations to the Team Philippines. It's really surprising to know that filipinos are good gamers.