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2009 Movie Trailers Part II

Monday, December 15, 2008 by Bea

I just hope these won't disappoint the fans... well, you know, during the vamp thingie rantings for the past few months, and I also wish for the best for the box office ratings for both movies:

And for now, I shall rest my eyes and pocketmoney for the flicks for next year. ^_~


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Irvin Ryan said...

watchmen looks visually stunning. should be fast pace to be considered good. harry potter is always fun to watch. hmm... seems a good start for 2009. ^____^

i also heard tekken movie is on the way. ^_____^


Bea said...


wow! hope it's better than the anime version with a very alternative story o_o

Irvin Ryan said...

I hope so too ^_^