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v2.6 The Requiem: RNPCs

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 by Bea

Dear Girl Gamers,

The time is now! XD~

Martial artist Bai Hu & musician artist Vincente Rio will surely take the girl gamers' breath away~

Vincente Rio
Initial Level 1

STR: 4
AGI: 5
CON: 4
DEX: 4
INT: 8
CHA: 7

Minstrel Stance

  • Crazy rhapsody - cause damage to enemies by playing plosive music
  • Silent cradlesong - play lullabies to characters around and make them fall asleep
  • Rhythm and blues - play langiud music to make enemies feel powerless and cause damage at the same time
  • Requiem - enemies who heard the funeral march will have hunches about their death
Serenade Stance
  • Shining ballad - increases team member’s ATK and ATK speed and movement
  • Endurance melody - increases team member’s DEF slightly
  • Rhythm of spell-break - increases team member’s mental resistance slightly
  • Orpheus - recovers characters which are not in combat mode
Bai Hu
Initial Level 1

STR: 7
AGI: 7
CON: 5
DEX: 5
INT: 3
CHA: 3

Chapter of Mind

  • Bluedragon hill-kick - attack skill using heels to kick fast
  • Breath of Hyunmoo - attack skill to throw "Gwonpoong"
  • Half-moon kick - attack skill to kick enemies twice by spinning
  • Atomic whitetiger-strikes - attack skill to hit like Bai Hu's strength
This will be one of the features that will spark the interest of all avid GE pioneers, and a very lovely collection to your RNPC extended family. ^_^

Source: http://ge_2ch.wikiwiki.jp/

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