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June's D-Day

Thursday, June 5, 2008 by Bea

Hi everyone!

Our Independence Day is near. Let's show the passion of the Pinoys as a gamer!

For the banner contest, here are the mechanics:

* Theme: Patriotism
* Size: 500x150 pixels or smaller
* Use the signature in your profile
* Must have our flag on it like this one:
* Pornography or any nudity exposure is not allowed
* Please observe copyrights, do not steal images from any other websites

Champion - 3 Rabbit Hairlaces and 20 Adelina's Booty searches


Let's do freestyle; think of something that can show your love for our country. Perhaps a symbol like a long line of hugs and other poses, or forming the Philippines flag will do. Send us screenshots of this -OR- make your own music video using GE elements and proud-to-be-pinoy as tagline/theme. The video must not exceed 5 minutes (usually soundtracks are in this length) and must be uploaded thru Youtube, IMEEM, filefront, etc.

Freedom Screenshot (Edited or Unedited): 1D Field Manual
Patriotic Music Video: 50 Adelina's Booty Searches

Deadline of submission of entries is on or before the end of this month.

You can also send entries thru my Yahoo email: esthesia075@yahoo.com

Looking forward for your works of art! ^_^

Discuss this here: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=39703
On the eve of the Philippines Independence Day on 11th of June, all Filipinos must gather at the City of Auch on the ff. timelines:

Cervantes 1700 GMT +8
Carracci 1900 GMT +8
Caravaggio 1500 GMT +8
Pachelbel 2100 GMT +8
Vivaldi 1300 GMT +8

See y'all in-game! ^_~
Plugging: Blacksword's Blog
Check out his great suggestions here and participate as well~! http://reimarufiles.blogspot.com/2008/06/what-if-special-part-1.html

Happy 1st Birthday to this blog! ^_^
And kudos to the GE PH Community~!

Image source: http://ge.hanbiton.com/

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