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Aftermath: SGG Event in Limketkai Mall CDO!

Monday, June 2, 2008 by Bea

Cagayan de Oro - City of Golden Friendship

When we were about to land on CDO, I've noticed that there were lots of mountains just like in Baguio - and it was cool to see that we've landed on top of a mountain where the CDO airport lies.

The Limketkai Mall was like a version of Greenhills, Greenbelt, and Glorietta all-in-one. The Atrium, in which we held the 5th leg of the Globe Summer Gimik Games event, was so huge! Plus, we fell in-love with the waterfall backdrop~ ^^

Our activities were pretty much the same, plus of course a GE presentation with my own amateur video XD~ And I've also judge the Audition dance battle again, plus managing to get pictures of the events like some crazy paparazzi.

Reunion of the GE PH team? Yup, Amelia™ and Hush of Cervantes that represented Cagayan de Oro during the Zouk Raid Party, and also the Liberty match during commercial launch at Esplanade. We had photo-op at the Globe booth and I'm thankful for the gift of yummy pastels again~ I feel so loved! XP~

The Clash of the Pioneers ended early, and so we invited lots of new players to join the freeplay. Lots of peeps from Carracci and Vivaldi were present during the event.

And they made me sing with the battle of the band champions as entertainment, I don't even know if I did well, but everyone was waving during my singing. LOLz~ This was the most unforgettable experience in CDO - and yes, hopefully this would be my last encore. XD~

Congratulations of the ff. winners of Clash of the Pioneers:
1st Place
Dagz & Jobhil of Vivaldi

2nd Place
Amelia™ & Hush of Cervantes

3rd Place
Consolar & Mackenzy of Vivaldi

Community snapshots~

I was also surprised to see that most of the marshalls were also GE players. Kudos to your hardwork guys! ^_^

For more of the original image sources, visit my multiply site at: http://sanctus.multiply.com/photos/album/35/Cagayan_de_Oro

Next stop: Cebu~!

*Please be informed that our Cebu visit has been moved to June 15, 2008. (same venue)

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Dan said...

Wooot... thanks for visiting Veya...


Dan said...

Rafting natin ha? dont forget....

Dan said...

Give our regards to Arcleaumont our best buddy in Cebu...

Johnny said...

eheheheheh!!! ganda pag ka kuha Salamat GM TC alwayzzzz....

Sana bumalik pa kau d2 sa CDO nxt year,,,,

Johnny said...

Tnx po GM maganda xa Pics sana balik pa kau d2 nxt year sa CDO,,,,TC ALwayzzz.....

Veya said...

waaaaaaaa~ ndi ko man na-enjoy ung ganda ng CDO :(

thanks din! CM po ako ^^

thanks sa pagpunta ninyo, sa uulitin! :D