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Featured Gamer: Serpentes

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 by Bea

~Ellaine Ruth A. Reyes~

Veya: Still working/studying? Where?
Serpentes: I’m a graduate student~ :3

Veya: What's your MCC team line-up, plus the IGNs of each?
Serpentes: My main line-up is the Serpentes Family which consists of a Male Scout (Amatsumara), Female Wizard (Hahaziah) and Grace Bernelli (Hazzimara) while my other characters who I call “The Zodiac Angels” are Romina (Vasairiah), Catherine The Summoner (Seheiah)~

Veya: Where do you usually play?
Serpentes: At Dahling’s, err, my fiancé's place~ :D

Veya: How long have you been playing GE?
Serpentes: Since closed beta~

Veya: What are you're average time in playing online? (counting the times
you're on AFK)
Serpentes: It differs because I only get to play when I’m at my Dahling’s so if you see me online, you know my whereabouts~ :D

Veya: How did you know about the game?
Serpentes: From our friend who was invited to the CBT launching of GE in Market! Market!~ He got us, his guild members, CBT accounts to try GE~ It was a great timing because we were looking for a game to migrate to after retiring from pRÖ~

Veya: What are the features of GE that got you hooked into the game?
Serpentes: The awesome pwning graphics, stimulating music, AFK system and the poses~ (Plus, it's “Yaoi-able” and “Yuri-able”~ Fufufu~)

Veya: Are there any factors that changed your gaming experience? Did it gave you more reasons to play or are you thinking less of the game due to issues? Cite some situations.
Serpentes: The new maps which I’ve been dying to train and have screenies on but my level isn’t fitting for the monsters yet~ D: Oh, and the costumes~! I’m vain when it comes to my characters~ I want them to look good which I cannot achieve iRL~ XD I could say my frustration over cosplaying is being transmitted to them~ LOLz~ Negative issues~? Nah, I don’t usually care about them just as long as I’m having fun playing~ :3
(ditto, I salute you on that girl! ^^)

Veya: Were there situations that people mistook your gender irl? (because there are a few girl gamers nowadays, and mostly chixilog so people find it hard to believe that you're a girl in-real-life)
Serpentes: Yes, it can’t be helped~ But just like what I said in GC (General Chat~), I don’t force them to believe me~ :D The guys in our faction (who frequently play in my fiancé's internet café) usually stand for me when we have new members asking if I’m really a girl (I used to be the only girl in our faction then but I'm not alone now, wai~! (~^w^)/)~

Veya: Were there advantages/disadvantages of being a girl gamer?
Serpentes: Advantages, hmm, when I or other girls are online they try to minimize their exalted “guy talk”~ o_O They also offer items that I’m looking for but I insist to buy them because I don’t want an über special treatment~ In quests, I usually rely on guides in GE forums~ :3 It’s easier than asking them from time to time about what to do next~

Veya: Do you have objectives or reasons to go on playing? Do you play for fame, friends or to gain high-level characters?
Serpentes: I play for fun and for friends~ :3 It’s nice meeting people from other countries which have the same interests as yours~ You get to see a glimpse of their culture through their conversations with you~ :D What’s more delightful is I also meet Yaoi fangirls like me mahaha~! LOLz~ Sorry, can’t help it nyur~ X3

Veya: Do you have a message to send out to all the other girl gamers?
Serpentes: Remember this~: GIRLS ARE ON PAR WITH THE GUYS EVEN IN GAMING~ Don’t ever let them underestimate you just because we’re the so-called “lesser gender”~ You can always scare them with pics of big burly men Yaoi in the worst case scenario~ It works~ XD

(Pardon the crankiness of my answers, I just lost all my sanity on our board exam earlier~ But I like this better than the on-the-spot interview we had on the Girl Gamer Gathering in which I sucked~ X3)

PS. I did not edit any of her answers - I like how the gamers show their hyper-genki-mode in the interviews.

You can check her haven here: http://hahaziah.deviantart.com/, in which she shows off her real talent in photography and art.

Many thanks to El for providing her most cheerful insights on her gaming experience. I just hope more of the gamers are like her!

We have more featured gamers soon! ^_~

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Lanfear said...

What’s more delightful is I also meet Yaoi fangirls like me mahaha~! LOLz~ Sorry, can’t help it nyur~ X3

You really had to put that one in huh? =)) Nice interview Ella! :D

Veya said...

yup~ unedited interviews are still the best ^_^