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7th Faction Visitation: PinoyAllStars

Friday, January 11, 2008 by Bea

Where all stars collide at Pachelbel...

When was the faction created?
It was created when the faction HBO was disbanded during OBT. - GuerreroX
Faction was formerly known as a 3 factions from Open Beta Pachelbel Server namely
HBO, Mafia and Extreme Pinoy to merged as one for all Pinoy to enjoy in one Faction to experience cybergaming and enjoy with the company in game and outside game relation. It was created June 14, 2007 and †PINOY†ALLSTARS† was Born to Granado Espada. - Shadowsoul

How did you guys come up with a name?
It is the merging of HBO and other smaller factions which are all Pinoy players so we named it as PinoyAllStar in coherence to the said merging of factions. - GuerreroX
We discuss this first and decided the name to entitled with all the Pinoys in-game to know
that there is a Solid Pinoy Faction that carrying all Pinoy Players in Granado Espada. -Shadowsoul

Pioneer players behind creating this faction?
Sanin, Shadowsoul, Severos, Cordero, Jowin Bro's many to mention sorry if I forgot ^_^ - GuerreroX
Half of the faction are pioneers of the game; we don't name whose the Pioneer because we
are all Pioneers of the faction; all equal treatment to each other to make it strong. - Shadowsoul

How many members? How many are active until now?
100 FULL FORCE yeah!!! - GuerreroX
Active players from PAS 70 family and during wars about 70-80 families - Shadowsoul

What's the current level of your faction?
Level 52 / Republicans

How many hours do you guys go on grind leveling / AFK?
Mostly around 8-12 hrs. some are 24/7 including myself coz my wife at home plays my account then when I return home then it's my turn to play - GuerreroX
Some of the players are 24/6 because we got maintenance average of 20hours a day
some are 15hours per day. - Shadowsoul

What are you guys into in GE lately?
CW is fun lately but we are helping other factions finish their Faction Quest too, however many of us play GE to make friends or meet friends which we do regularly in a form of monthly EB's and gatherings - GuerreroX

Do you often organize eyeballs and gatherings? What are your agenda/activities?
Yes, some are organizing monthly sometimes more, hmm agenda is 70% GE 30% personal mushy stuff, activities hmm PLAYING (again) , eating (donuts), swimming, drinking (non alcoholic beer ^_^) - GuerreroX
Yes, we do organize eyeballs and gatherings we always do talk stuff about GE and swimming etc. Eyeballs to know each other not in game but outside the game to make the bond strong inside the faction and to make friends in-game and outside game. - Shadowsoul

Do you have a message to send out to your fellow servermates?
There is no such thing as a perfect faction, in each faction there would tend to be some blacksheeps and troublemakers, though we at PAS try our best to discipline and educate our members and always remind them to "respect others if you want to be respected" - GuerreroX
Guys out there, all Pinoys are welcome in PAS gatherings and eyeballs and let make Granado Espada more alive, not a ghost town. Rock and Roll hardcore gamers. . . Long Live Granado Espada!! - Shadowsoul

The Family of Shadowsoul and GuerreroX

I like hanging out with these guys, they're terrific! They're one of the most active faction in our community, and always present in every Granado Espada event. I also love their makulit chat in-game, even into those not related to GE anymore, especially their life, and their stories on their latest gathering, and lots of stuff. You can also check them out on their friendster: http://profiles.friendster.com/pin0yallstars and you'll be able to see all of their latest EB pictures. They are the ones that truly make the Pinoys at home in the GE community.

Thanks to Bossing Sanin, Shadowsoul, and GuerreroX for the info and images. ^_~

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