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A Serious Warning or Two

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 by Bea

Dear Gamers,

In recent days, there have been several cases of GE accounts being banned due to fraudulent credit card purchases. From the feedback of the affected account owners, we have gathered that some of these players were purchasing G-points from illegal/unauthorized sellers.

These sellers have purchased their game value using stolen credit card details. From our logs, we have been able to trace the movement of the game values and banned accounts related to these illegal game values.

We would like to advise all GE gamers to purchase Game Value Cards (GVC) only from authorized resellers/distributors stated on our official website under “Buy GE”. Do not accept or buy any game value sold by unauthorized sources. These illegal sellers typically sell their ill-gotten game value at a discount and your GE account is at risk of being affected should you allow these sellers to transact into your account.

As a general rule of thumb, it is unwise to share your user account name and password with anyone. If possible, try to use a unique user account and password and not your “typical” details you used on other websites. We have been receiving numerous calls for assistance because of these compromises and while we try our best in helping, there are cases in which we could not render any assistance.

We at IAHGames will stay committed to ensuring a safe and secure game experience for you and we need your help in doing so.

Thank you for your attention.
Team GE

Dear PH Community,

We do not only monitor you guys in the forums, website, or in-game. We also have been monitoring illegal activities OUTSIDE the said official areas. We also do not tolerate Real-Money Trade (RMT) by selling accounts, items or Vis posted on such sites/forums like Friendster Groups, MySpace, online journals, faction forums, etc.

You guys should know the rules, and we are strictly implementing them, and by means, grave penalties will be granted upon the degree of your offense.

And do know that even in your troll posts, we can still trace you and will have your account penalized.

Please know better, and abide by the Game Policies.
Yours truly,
CM Veya

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