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Year-End Specials

Saturday, December 29, 2007 by Bea

No, it's not what you guys think. This is not the end of the game, or our community. Just view the two-part videos, and have a blessed new year to y'all. ^_~

PS. Sorry if the music or the editing is a bit bad, yeah both videos were made by me. ^^;

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Ahtreide said...

Wow. Its very nice.

PS:What editor did you use?

Ahtreide said...

oh yeah first to post. xD

Veya said...

windows movie maker XD~ and am still a noob to it!

Ravenblitz said...

wow :D mentors XD

hope to have more events to come in 2008

Veya said...

definitely! ^_~

Anonymous said...

wow nice ^^

Happy New year hahaha! malapit na eh LOL

hellbond said...

wow... ms. veya, i touched with your video/s... (`coz i was included in the first video..hahahha!!!) hahah!!!

i appreciate it!!!nice background music!!!

takae care olways!!!


Veya said...

thanks guys! have a good year this 2008! ^^

NineMoons Family said...

thanks for putting me and alliver in the second video - wow, hardcore pala kami ^^

Veya said...

lahat tau hardcore... at adik XD

Rinkaru said...

Nice selection of pics. Keep it up ;)

Veya said...

thanks rinkaru!

kReNn said...

wheee..thnx for posting my pics and him^^

Veya said...

no prob :D