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Aftermath: Intel Machinimasia II

Monday, December 17, 2007 by Bea

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Presscon - December 14
It was a very busy day; all were setting up for the Press, the presentations, and of course, lunch. XD~
Big names were there, including your Machinima guy: Cillian, Elvin Ong, Ms. Imee Marcos of CreaM, and Ricky Banaag: Country Manager of Intel.

December 15-16 Workshops
We didn't expect that much number of attendees, and we were very thankful. ^.^
The lobby was pretty much occupied by non-gamers and gamers alike, all with the same goals and objectives: to learn in the movie-making workshop.

My big thanks to the avid GE bloggers who always cover the events thru their articles, and also by participating for every events. The passion for the game and writing always works well together. ^^

Also my heartwarming thank you's to the Granado Espada community! The gamers who keep on supporting and attending all our events and gatherings!

Lotsa thanks and love to the handsome gentlemen who single-handedly manage the workshop: Jerome, Cillian and Elvin.

Goodluck to the serious, talented, first-timers, and everyone who gave their wonderful movies as entries for the Film Awards!

More pictures here: Events Etc

Comment/s for the day:
Bravo Intel!
Looking forward for the same event next year!
Thank you for the experience and lots of freebies!
More hours for the movie-making next time!

It's like this upbeat song: that's how you know~!

*Winners will be announced for the Overall Champion and Intel's Choice. We'll also announce on how to submit your entries for the Community's Choice.

Hope to see everyone's enthusiasm again for the next event! ^_~

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