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Aftermath: GE at the Hataw Hanep Hero 3 Convention!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 by Bea

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One word: cold. @_@

November 30, 2007
I was already at the SMX Convention Center around 8AM for Ingress, but since almost everyone was busy at the Function Room 1 for the Ran GC, I also helped a bit on their preparations, and had to go out around noon to get lunch and buy more stuff for the GE booth.

We did small setups, from the computers and to the booth itself, double-check wirings, etc.

December 1, 2007
Day 1 - H3
Yes! Was there early to setup everything: registration forms, computers, prizes, freebies, etc. It was pretty hectic, since I already saw around 200 people waiting outside the entrance earlier than me. @_@

GE goodies, thanks to IAH. XD~

The booth and the people who supported it. ^_^

There were lots of people who bought the GE Limited Edition Boxes, and asked about the F2P announcement, the conversion of the game time to GPoints, the activities, and the new patch coming this December 20. Needless to say, I talked about it nonstop all day, and made my throat hoarse. @_@
Most players who attended were from Carracci, Pachelbel and Vivaldi, namely Brotherhood, Argonauts, PinoyAllStars, FallenAngels, Ad-Infinitum, and other well-known Pinoy factions.

December 2, 2007
Day 2 - H3
Cosplay galore and more!

Joy (Brunie), me (ETS), DeSanggria (Idge), Caress (Elementalist), Ivee (Scout)

We had major raffles, bring me, and other mini-events that day, and most of the crowd were enjoying it (especially the Do-the-Pose part). ^^
Congrats to the winners of the videocard and the GE Limited Edition Box set that we gave away during the raffle draw.

More pictures and videos soon!
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*Do bump me if you guys have an H3 article!

Pictures @ GE Gathering~

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Caress said...

That event was a whole lot of fun! ^_^ Nice Piccies!

Veya said...

thankies for supporting us every GE event and for cosplaying! ^^

BlackSheep said...

very fun event :) sadly though the GE jackets are out of stock! maybe another time again

Veya said...

yeah~ i wasn't expecting that alot of people would be buying the jackets! ^^

AUGLab said...

Yeah, no jackets XD
I really need to replace my 2-year-old gray jacket. >.<

Caress said...

=D Do you have the full size version of those cosplay pics? Can I add them to my site? ^^

filsimmer said...

It was an honor meeting you in person , Lady Veya! :D Hope I can meet you once again in the near future.

Veya said...

we'll produce more soon ^_^

Veya said...

at the multiply link i gave you~
sure, no worries ^^

Veya said...

nice to meet you too mena! ^_~