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e-Games Evolution in SM Clark Pampanga

Sunday, December 9, 2007 by Bea

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December 7
It was a very hectic day, as I made last check on the items we need to bring in Pampanga; merchandise, the GE boxes, prizes, etc.
We brought two vans since we were: Grandia and Starex.

We got at SM Clark around 10PM, had dinner, and went to Ingress, finished around 2-3AM.

December 8
We had small preparations like the registration booth and tarps, plus checking the computers and Internet.

The registration opened around pass 11AM, and players started to fill in the e-Games pad, and most of them attacked our booth because of the offline passport quest: creating your own emblem. Globe was happy with our challenge, that they contributed & added up more of their merchandise to us for prize purposes (like creating a Globe-inspired emblem/logo). It was really fun. ^^

And then of course, there's freeplay. We gave stubs which serves as their 1-hour freeplay and an entry for our raffle.

For sale: GE Limited Edition box, GE tumbler, and GE pens (we ran out of jackets and shirts).

My trusted Game Assistants and model helped me out during the mini-activities that we conducted in our GE booth.

I also did a presentation on the updates for Granado Espada in behalf of my boss. We had mini-games like trivia after the said presentation. We were also generous and had raffle draw on GE premium merchandise and lots of Divine Angel Wings.
My friend, and a GE player that was featured on my girl gamer article, eLfshimmeR, was also there:

Many thanks again for the faction, FallenAngels, for being present from time-to-time in our events!

I got scared on the big Santa Claus. @_@

e-Games Boys at rest~

We were so tired, but happy on the outcome of the event.

December 9
We're heading home! Buying lots of pasalubong as well. Ate in McDo at our stopover in NLEX.Hope to see everyone at the next event, which is the Intel Machinimasia. ^_~

More photos here: e-Games Evolution

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