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Zouk Raid Party - Part I

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Bea

June 15, 2007

12 Noon
Ivee and I met up with the players at the PAL Terminal 2 Centennial Airport. They were all tense and excited at the same time. Then we ate at Delifrance for brunch since our flight will be boarding in just 30 minutes. ^^

We also met up with the Press: Joey of hack en slash (Inquirer), Sir Howard (Editor-in-Chief) of Game! Magazine, and Adel Gabot (Group Editor) of Inquirer. Plus our writer and content, Sir Emir. :D

6:15 PM
Our arrival was 20 minutes early. So we went to Hotel Bencoolen to unpack things and met up with the Press for dinner. We also went shopping around 12 midnight at Mustafa. I only got the Old Spice aftershave that my dad loves. It wasn't available in the Philippines anymore. :( Then bought midnight snacks at SG's 7-11.

June 16, 2007
The players were already up at 9.30 AM and was having breakfast, while Ivee and I just woke up at 10 AM. Rivai and the other qualifiers were also there to wait for our shuttle bus. So when we were waiting for the bus, we took pictures infront of the hotel.

And here's the bus!

And I took pictures inside the bus, along with all of the qualifiers for the tourney~

Then we're now at Zouk, where we met Weixiong who took the qualifiers' attendance. ^_^

Very nice place. It's like you're in-game in reality, you're not. =P

And here's part of our Philippine Team Qualifiers, getting ready for the tourney~

Stay tuned for Part II of my trip to Singapore~!

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