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Thursday, June 21, 2007 by Bea

There will be a server maintenance for Granado Espada on 21st June 2007, Thursday, 1000hrs-1600hrs (GMT+8). There will also be website maintenance for Granado Espada forum and IAHgames passport website on 21st June 2007, Thursday, 1600hrs-1800hrs (GMT+8).

OK, that will give me time to update the community blog, and to browse thru the Forums. :D

Anyway, here's the pictures from Toycon in which the other qualifiers for the Zouk Raid Party gave their best in the PvP Tourney:

This is their van~ Naks! ^.^

The GE Philippine Team Jackets~!

The Semi-Finalists: (wafu bah?) :D

Check their pics here: Toycon 2k7
There was a test Colony Wars yesterday, and the ones who owned the colony will be wiped out from today's maintenance. Anyway, here's a glimpse on the world map: (click for a larger version)

When I was in Singapore, I love the streets themselves; it's so clean, and their strict in implementing traffic rules including jaywalking! And Ivee and I really love shopping, so we went to Mustafa and Bugis just to shop till we drop (literally!). And we usually end up buying souvenirs and gifts to our loved ones, except for ourselves. I'd just moan for awhile on my aching feet and the cost of all the things we bought, but just the smiles and thank you's of our friends and family are good enough to cover my complaints. ^^
A random screenshot I took from my friend (he's a guy) and he made his elementalist and Catherine hug each other when we were chatting. XD

Till next post ^_~

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