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Monday, June 25, 2007 by Bea

The GE Team already made a statement on the hot topic usually found in-game and in the forums: Bots. They've release it and gave details on the actions they've already done:

Action Taken Against Botting

And oh, I'll be sending some group messages to the players like updates and other announcements to those who added me up in my Yahoo messenger. ^_^
Check out the post-party mini-site! http://ge.iahgames.com/party/

And try to find us there. lolz~
Got a hidden talent in creating websites, online journals, poetry, short stories, art, and the lot?

Well, get ready and reveal your true self into your own works of art! Granado Espada PH Site will be up soon, and we will conduct lots of contests you'll surely enjoy!

Enjoy! ***TBA on the details and mechanics***
Btw, I have two family names: Veya and Esthesia. I'm using Esthesia to play in-game, and Veya to monitor. ^_^ I'm the only one with that kind of family name. Please report to IAH if someone's scamming you that he/she is posing as a Community Manager.
Upcoming GE Events / Freeplay / Unofficial Faction or Server EBs

June 29 Bulacan State University, Malolos Bulacan (GE Freeplay)
July 1 11:00 AM @ Ayala Trinoma Mall North Edsa (Caravaggio EB)
July 4-6 NCCC Exhibit Hall Davao City (Davao Cyber Expo)

Keep the Filipino Faction growing!

If you guys have small or large EB coming up, feel free to inform me thru my email: veya@granadoespada.com.ph or tag me in my blog: http://veya-esthesia.blogspot.com/.

This is for me to promote your gatherings to the community.


Till next post! ^_~

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NineMoons Family said...

I will definitely join the blog and the fanfiction contests!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Veya said...


i know you would ^_~

Anonymous said...

I love you veya!!!! Your beauty is from heaven!! ^^

Veya said...

hello ^^ many thanks~