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Pioneers' Reconnaissance - Post Event

Thursday, June 7, 2007 by Bea

The IAHgames Forum is down for maintenance on, June 7th, 2007.
The Website will be down from 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs (GMT +8).

Ok then, we'll just have to post the details here. ^^

I have to go to the office to meet up with Jeff (he'll be taking care of the registration and the programs and other stuff) and Mang Ce (our driver and the most funny guy we met). And so, Filipino time, we got to the Phoenix
Café at 11:45 AM, and got to meet up with the facilitators and to arrange the table for registration, put up the tarps and streamer.

I've set-up my YM for a conference on all the regions of the Philippines: Baguio, Cabanatuan, Cavite, NCR - Katipunan, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao.

We had lots of people coming in for freeplay, but only 3 teams signed up in our place. And brownouts in other regions, other network connection problems, and SingTel has to test us yet with another fate in lag and disconnections.

I had a blast though, meeting with the GE mamaws in the Phoenix Café; such as Infernalz, Ino, Overseer, Stormgeist, Crowe, DarkSide and ford. We had chitchats now and then, about the in-game events, their experiencing in levelling, and among other related GE gaming experiences.

I've also met PJ of NineMoons, who was there to cover the tournament all the way up until finals. You can also check her marvelous write-ups at these links: Pioneers' Reconnaissance: NineMoon's Report

She also interviewed me; focusing on the tournament and the Philippine Community. Go here for more info: An Informal Interview with the Philippine Community Manager Veya

Just a small comment: you can also reach me at my GE email: veya@granadoespada.com.ph

I was also surprised at the issues happening in our community today. I'll was able to take notes of these complaints and issues, and will update you guys hopefully in my next post.

Anyway, back to the topic, here are the OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE TEAM QUALIFIERS for the PvP Finals in Singapore:
NCR1: Ino & Overseer
NCR2: Crowe & Stormgeist
Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro): Hush & Amelia™
Visayas: Street & Arcleaumont
Mindanao (Davao): Grandee & micamania
North Luzon: oGTo & DeathAngels
Central Luzon: TressPassing & wattz
South Luzon: snapshot & Crixca

I'll give the details later on the said tournament, plus the pictures! Till next post ^_~

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Jac said...

hello hello^^ thanks for the nice info and welcome. Looking forward to read from you CM Veya^^



Veya said...

Hi! Looking forward for my being with the Philippine Community too! ^_~