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Friday, March 20, 2009 by Bea

It was a long week of posting announcements, conducting in-game events along with the GameMasters, sneaking a few moments of laughs, the occasional gossip, lunch, coffee break, going back to work and finish all the plans and more event proposals, and finishing with a big smile on your face.

This day was one of those rare days that you work and really be happy with what you've accomplish. (I know it may sounds corny, but heck if this day is everyday, I'd be more happy to surrender into the world of corniness - if there is such a word).

Anyway, I started with checking my emails and a couple other emails (1 official e-mail and 2 community mails), checking the forums and blog comments, and random chat with the players in my YM and Plurk.

It's a bit tedious to add up players in your YM, but I still manage to help out when I can, multi-tasking other things as well.

I love making people laugh, especially at Plurk. I'd think of ways of starting up conversations even if it's not game-related. Sometimes even players need to take their time off the virtual world and go back to earth and connect with their physical friends, even if it means of online network again. XD~

And then I updated my social networking sites (name it: Yahoo, Multiply, 2 Friendster, 3 Facebook, etc.) especially the ZXOnline Multiply site. I sneak in a few minutes of making simple backgrounds and cheerful images like these:

ZXOnline's GM characters has a red GM word and a red star on it ^.^

Sometimes I'd also borrow books from friends and find online tutorials on web designs. I'm still a long way to go, but I'll get there somehow. ^_~

When I'm doing something - be it playing, doing events, typing away pages and pages of plans, or just chilling - I'd always have music and a cold drink on my desk. And of course, my sanctuary at home - my PC and sounds again, and most of all: my husband. (mushy mushy~!)

Ciao~ <3

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Anonymous said...

ung Banner na may Pink.. Anyway paano ba tanggalin ung interface sa ZX coz im having a hard time dun sa f9....

Mei Yan said...

Press ALT + H to hide the interface :)