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Sunday, March 1, 2009 by Bea

OK, the topic may be odd as well, however the series of events that happened in these past few months.

I suddenly don't have the urge to shop that much ever since I'm selling clothes of my own, and thru my Direct Selling sideline. My last item purchased was a pink shirt with a rock-ish logo at the back, and it was on SALE.

Most of my purchases were house items: shoe racks, cabinet, a new computer, and now an airconditioner. I even told my husband to keep the rest of our money in our savings bank.

I became unhealthier these past few weeks, as per my one week of absence due to my high fever and flu - which my mom & mom-in-law thought I'm pregnant - which is not true (but hopefully soon!).

When I went to Davao for the 3rd time, the GE players (like Gemma) approached me and they've all took pictures with me with the "we missed you" phrases. This moment had made me smile. And another one took place in PC Quest, where one of the GE players pointed out and said, "hey, it's CM Veya!" We were all talking about stuff in GE, and I had told them I haven't checked my account since last year, and they were laughing and teasing me that my items and characters are all gone. Waaahhh!!!

I miss Pangasinan - where we always go to during Holy Week - and where our hacienda is located. XD~

I love going out-of-town recently. It makes me feel more relaxed. *sighs*

Oh well, btw, I saw the GI JOE movie trailer, and I suddenly laughed when I remembered my friend saying this will be the next movie (we were talking about movies based on comics, books, cartoons, etc.) to hit the screens. Jeez, he can now open his own Psychic shop. Enjoy~!

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