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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by Bea


I haven't updated my gamer profile yet at my navigation bar in this blog. Oh well, I have been trying out new MMORPGs - mostly the cute ones. And so I went to MMORPG.com to check out the games under beta testing stage.

I'm still playing games in my company, however I still would want to explore more, and of course as a hardcore gamer, try new games - especially the International servers. I find it more interesting to talk to them since we have different cultures and traditions and other stuff.

Oh, I've updated my picture in my Friendster and Facebook profile (Mei Yan's profile) since yes I am vain~

Coz when you let go
And let life take you where it wants to
Give up control

I can say I pretty much lived my life to the fullest - being a model (Pink Soda), member of a band (vocalist), artist (seminars and workshops at UP), techie (call center agent), adventurer (even way back before e-Games, I love going out-of-town), GameMaster, Assistant Product Manager, Community Manager...

But hey, during all of my soul-searching, life is still huge. That's how I would describe it, knowing that there are still lots of things to do, but with so little time, how can one girl do all of these stuff?

Way back, I sew dresses, and all of them now sold and hopefully being cared by people who loves art in their outfits as much as I do. I miss those stuff I made with my bare hands, but heck because of my asthma, my medicine is giving me one big side effect - hence I cannot hold the pins and threads. Pfft~

Now, as a married woman, I wanted to create my own family. And yes, that'll include having a baby. ^.^

I confessed to Lee already, however, I still wanted my kids to have a house and a good neighborhood. Because with the PC shop downstairs, I don't think it'll be healthy for the baby to grow up with people trashtalking and coughing out their viruses around, no offense dear customers below! ~_~

Like Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill, the one thing or dream that I still need to fulfill is being a Mom.

Will this mean I have to stop working again? Perhaps... I intend to focus on my baby once he/she is out in this world. I don't want a Nanny to attend to my child's needs.

Just chalk it up to one of my wishlist~ But hey, just because people dream and shed tears doesn't mean that it's a sign of immaturity - and I got this from a book. ^_~


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Ate Sachiko said...

Offtopic: LOL! No political ads in Ran Online in 2010

Ontopic: to have a child of your flesh and blood, and raised under your care is priceless. Real life as a mother is going to be far more compelling than any online game out there. So we players will wish you great luck. :)