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Cosplaying for Old Times' Sake

Thursday, March 26, 2009 by Bea

I missed cosplaying so much! I still remember the first one during C3Con, where I cosplayed as Robin Sena of Witch Hunter Robin (the anime series wasn't event aired here in the Philippines yet).

But of course, my fave was the cosplay group of Bleach - and we were the first to cosplay too~ Anyway, I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to cosplay after that, and of course, there's the most daring costume I ever fit in - Alcione of Magic Knight Rayearth. I was a GM already when I made my last cosplay group skit!

The Pains of Cosplaying

Anyway, there are pros and cons to it. I had to bleach my bangs for x99 as Satsuki before. And the rush of getting the costumes and accessories done, and small parts of action skits and amongst others, the flash of the cameras and photographers asking to take a picture of you. But for the sake of fun and entertainment, that's what we can do for the spectators / audience.

The Most Important Thing

Fun with friends! You can never go wrong as long as you have them by your side.

And for my wishlist before, I intend to cosplay again for e-Games Domination 3. ^_~

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Darrick said...

Ah yan pala ung sinasabi mong Backless Costume ng 2nd Division captain.. cool

First ever cosplayer ng Soi Fon sa pinas right? XD

Mei Yan said...


yeah pero ung first is captain uniform, i never got a chance na magcosplay sa event gamit yan hehehe kaya hanggang photoshoot na lang ginawa namin XD~

Euri said...