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Thursday, May 8, 2008 by Bea

Despite the tense and the issues lately, this message from my Inbox reminded me on what the Granado Espada community should be. Thus, I'd like to share this from Caravaggio's Faction Leader of SupperClub™ Faction:

Oh yeah, I want to thank you for hosting and putting effort to this event, my faction and I appreciated it alot. Hope there will be more events in the future organized by the community. It will make the server more competitive and thus players spending more money to improve in-game and get stronger to win an event.

Previous events like Fighting off monster are quite boring and it lags badly, not to mention the drops are given to a few lucky players only. This event made factionmates work together and enjoy along the way.

Thanks for all the work.

My big thanks to all of the factions who participated, especially the following:
Halycon Faction – Cervantes
GuardsOfHonour Faction - Cervantes
WrathofGod – Cervantes
Black Society - Cervantes
Vradical - Cervantes

Outcasts Faction – Carracci
¤ ALL ¤ STAR ¤ Faction - Carracci
Sovereìgn Faction – Carracci
Destiny Faction - Carracci
Avalon Faction - Carracci
What Faction - Carracci
E m i n e n c e Faction – Carracci
ClubHootHoot Faction – Carracci

Ares Morendi – Caravaggio
RedStarAvengers – Caravaggio
SupperClub™ Faction - Caravaggio
Azyr Faction – Caravaggio

That Faction – Pachelbel
•Ad•Infinitum• - Pachelbel
MamiPoKo¤PanTs Faction – Pachelbel
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction - Pachelbel
Deviant Faction – Pachelbel
"•R‡p•" Faction - Pachelbel
ELITE Faction - Pachelbel
†PINOY†ALLSTARS† Faction - Pachelbel

¤ VII ¤ - Vivaldi
HèllRªiérs Faction – Vivaldi
Legends™ Faction - Vivaldi
SexyBunnies™ - Vivaldi
Aggressor™ Faction - Vivaldi

Kindly refer to this link for the aftermath article to be updated by next week: http://veya-esthesia.blogspot.com/2008/05/war-of-factions-2-finale.html

Again, from all of the GE Team - we thank you for making the event worthwhile. ^_^

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Mikee Stiles said...

In behalf of Avalon...

Thank you for thanking us ate Veya :)

in short, your welcome!


Veya said...