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Aftermath: SGG Event in SM Davao!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 by Bea

Davaoness for the 2nd Time! XD~

It was funny, the waitress at Banoks, our lovely Manang at the pasalubong shop still know us well; the ones during the first trip though.

Back to the Globe Summer Gimik Games event, since this was the 2nd visit, I've decided to change the mechanics and promos.

We had refer-a-new settler, freeplay with free 500 GPoints for them to experience more in GE, and lots of activities. Plus, we had the Clash of the Pioneers - only this time, it's 2vs2 PVP. Our booth had the same huge Bahia Island tarp in which most of the gentlemen would really love to take pictures at, plus my marshalls and game facilitator, and Adelina the Pirate on my printouts (to promote her offline game XP). We had lots of support from our new settlers! I hope they'll continue to play GE.

Plus our Strike-a-Pose Newspaper Dance never cease to amaze me. Since I rarely see guys hug or carry each other this way~ ^^v

The prize was the Granado Espada 4-CD soundtrack and postcards~

Congratulations to the following:
Clash of the Pioneers
1st Place
Vivaldi Server

2nd Place
Carracci Server

3rd Place
Vivaldi Server

Good game guys!

My big thanks to Mujitsu, Cabagnoot and Contessa. Pastel is always my fave! ^_^

Snapshots with the community~

Vivaldi Peeps

Carracci Peeps

Oh, if you guys want the original image source, kindly go here: http://sanctus.multiply.com/photos/album/34/Davaoness

Back to the grind~ Our next stop on May 31: Cagayan de Oro!

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WyvernitE said...

I have a question, Is the "I love Emilia the Sage" Package sold in ph? Could we buy it during the Globe Summer Mall Tours? How much does it cost in PHP? Thanks^^

Veya said...

yup, it's the limited edition box P1,500, comes with Emilia the Sage, 35K GP, 20 ABS and bundled with more in-game items during Globe mall tours.