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Aftermath: SGG in Gaisano Davao & SM Iloilo!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Bea

The back-to-back event in Davao & Iloilo was a blast! In partnership with Globe, e-Games had began its mall tours lately nationwide. The venue was packed with lots of avid gamers, mall goers, and of course, the computers equipped with your favorite online games!

Gaisano Davao Pics
The GE Booth~

I dressed up my table with lotsa announcements and posters. The big Bahia Island tarp has a very pretty touch too~ (especially with our male gamers XD).

The marshalls, Carl & Caloy, and my game facilitator, Tristan, was very good in teaching the new players. I also provided them trial cards for free GPoints (only used for new accounts) so that they can enjoy the game better.

It was super fun! Lots participated for the Clash of the Pioneers. The veterans in Cervantes dominated the event, and also community from Carracci and Vivaldi participated and joined as well.

The Winners of Gaisano Davao
Clash of the Pioneers:
1st Place: BARREDOLICIOUS of Cervantes
2nd Place: Countingants of Cervantes
3rd Place: TripleDisaster of Carracci

Besides the in-game items, they've also received giftpacks from Globe.

And this guy (he doesn't want his IGN to be on public) drew the most awesome fanart, and it was his gift for me during my first stay in Davao! Many thanks~! ^^

The Winners of SM Iloilo
New Settlers Race for the New World:
1st Place: ofOrmsbyGore of Cervantes
2nd Place: Keil of Cervantes
3rd Place: rearmed of Cervantes

Clash of the Pioneers:
1st Place: Wrecker of Caravaggio
2nd Place: Bushma of Cervantes
3rd Place: Aylasalve of Carracci

New World Face Off Challenge:
Wrecker of Caravaggio

Snapshots with Davao community~

Next stop: SM Davao this week and Limketkai Cagayan de Oro on May 31!
See y'all there!

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