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GE's Trick or Treat Events

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 by Bea

October 26 - Oktoberfest @ Metrowalk Ortigas


and the Granado Espada Team brings you the biggest bash party ever! You guys know the drill, have your 100 peso-bill ready for the entrance (consumable), and GE players, old and new, gets more surprises from us!

*First 100 to present any GE Game Value Card gets 50% discount on the entrance tickets!

**When purchasing a couple of extra San Miguel beers, you'll receive a token (get these from the redemption booth) and exchange it for GE merchandise! The more tokens you collect, the more chances of getting more freebies!

***Players who blog about the Oktoberfest event and gets picked out as the best article receives a special prize from your dear CM~

Disclaimer: 18 years old and above are the only ones that can join in this event.

October 27 - Station 168 BF Homes Paranaque 2nd Anniversary

Granado Espada celebrates the 2nd anniversary of Station 168 at BF Homes Paranaque with lots of activities; raffles, tournament, and more freebies awaits the new pioneer settlers.

Time: 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Let's extend our GE community once again~!

See you guys on both events! ^_~

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Marg Choco said...

GM Veya,

May registration ba @ 8am (8 in the morning, even tho the event usually begins @ around 9pm) sa Metrowalk? Are there posters to be given out there?

Will you be handing out stuff just like @ Esplanade? If there is sort-of a registration part in Metrowalk, will there also be free Game Item Codes?


Veya said...

Oktoberfest will start around 4-5pm~

installers and posters will have limited distribution~

we will be mostly hanging out at gamefrog, and yes, there'll be registration if you'd like to play there. ^_~

PS. i'm not a GM :D

Bertong Balibag said...

hey veya i'll be there on friday(i'm always there on fridays :)). pwede ba ung level 40ish dito( di kasi nagaaddict mode eh)? so whats the freebies? what if i guzzled a couple of buckets? what kinda stuff should i receive? 4-5pm? wala pang action don at that time. pwede ba tumoma sa loob ng gamefrog? indi yata eh. see yah!

Marg Choco said...

Hi Veya~!

Sorry I thought you were a game master.

Will there be a registration process before 4~5pm? Will you be handing out Game Item Codes for Angel Wings for registrants, just like in Esplanade? I wasn't able to attend the event at that time.


Veya said...

yes, you can drink in Gamefrog. but hopefully, no one's slushing drinks on the computers (or perhaps there will be tables & chairs for drinking around their area)

there will be limited distribution on the merchandise as well, the number of tokens and the merch you'll receive will depend, you guys would have to check out the redemption booth by then. ^_^

in-game items such as angel wings will be for tournament/raffle purposes only. there won't be any early-bird prizes since there's already a redemption booth and raffle on that day. ^^

bertong balibag said...

thanx veya! luv yah! :)

Marg Choco said...

Hi Veya~! Thanks a lot. I hope we'll be having more in-game merchandise soon (like andre boxes).

Oktoberfest tayo~


Veya said...

it's confirmed that we can drink inside Gamefrog as well. ^_~

see y'all there!

jade07 said...

GM Veya,

Y ders no map of BF homes??
were d hell in bf homes the will be held??
plz reply ASAP....T_T

Veya said...

first of all, and again, i'm not a GM.

second, please avoid vulgarity, and calm down.

third, if you look closely, there's the address at the bottom of the banner. even the telephone number is added there incase you still need directions. ^_^