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GE Gathering: Freeplay Mentor Program

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 by Bea

During late September and early October, we conducted a Freeplay Program on major NCR areas, and the mamaw and adik GE players from various servers volunteered for this event. We had lots of new players who tried playing this game, and most got hooked and addicted to GE.

I've also met most of the Adamson University students at Warzone, and I'm grateful for their full support for the game. Thanks guys! ^_^

Winners of the 3on3 PvP for the New Settlers~! Each received the famous Divine Angel Wings and other GE goodies from us!

Players hanging out at the Reboldoeux Queen's Gate, getting ready to experience the bond of trinity~! This is for them to gain level at the same time and prepare themselves for the 3on3 PvP Tournament as well.

We love GE! Oops... caught in the act of playing~ Teehee~ Can't help myself. ^^;

Hey guys! One at a time please! Hoarding GE Freebies and installers for the new players~

We also had raffles, tournament, and other tons of activities. It was also fun for the mentors, since they were like their senpai for that day. =^.^=

Till next Freeplay Program! Make sure to visit this forum thread: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=20244 to catch the latest events and updates for the ones near your area. Please volunteer! It'll mean a lot for you guys to share your game experience to the new players and help extend our GE community.

Bye for now! Till next post! ^_~

For more pictures, visit the GE Gathering hosted by photobucket.
Many thanks to the ff. iCafes who participated:
Max 3D
Mayhem Networks
Park Avenue

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