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Winners of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Bea

Congratulations to the ff. entries:

Best Layout

Title: Granado Espada Girl Gamer Haven
Slogan: We Are the Roses Among the Thorns
Best Title & Slogan

Runner-Ups for Best Layout
This is because most have given their best works of art, we will also give out rewards for the other 7 entries.

Consolation Prizes
These will be given out to the other entries for title and slogans.

*In-game items will be given via code thru your emails.
**GPoints will be credited to your account via IAHGames.

Till my next challenge! ^_^

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DJ said...

mam veya ung sa Consolation Prizes san po ilagay ba d2 ang email d2?

grats sa nanalo!!


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The Arc said...

omedetou! :D

WyvernitE said...

Yey... congrats to the winners..
here the e-mail add: godswill_18@yahoo.com

The Arc said...

my add.


neenee said...

wah~ nanalo ako! ^^v salamat and congrats 2 all of u guys! We are all winners! :D

here's my e-mail: nevermind182004@yahoo.com

neenee said...

oops forgot =.='

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