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6th Faction Visitation: BROTHERHOOD

Monday, November 26, 2007 by Bea

Blood is thicker than water.

When was the faction created?
BH was created on the 17th of September.

How did you guys come up with a name?
It was the name of our guild in the last MMORPG we played.

Pioneer players behind creating this faction?
Lucius, Goldeye, Makisig, Uzuki, HeartzAngelz, Victorias are the 1st few members of BH in GE.

How many members? How many are active until now?
We have about 80 members currently and around 40+ active usually.

What's the current level of your faction?
We are a level 52 faction.

How many hours do you guys go on grind leveling / AFK?
Maybe around 8 to 10 hrs a day average grinding mode of members. Most of the time when they are online they are doing boss raids :)

What are you guys into in GE lately?
Boss raids, Colony Wars and PVP :)
(Veya: And Hide & Seek, or hunt me in-game @_@)

Do you often organize eyeballs and gatherings? What are your agenda/activities?
We do sometimes, usually when there is a GE event.

Do you have a message to send out to your fellow servermates?
Level hard, raid hard, ignore whiners! :)

The Family of Lucius

The members are quite very active in-game, has lots of stories to tell, whether it be GE-related, or their love and life problems, experiences, etc. They are also very accommodating, friendly, hyper, and loves in-real-life and in-game events.
I had a blast with these guys. They were active both during the Launch Party (the BH name wasn't even created yet) and Oktoberfest. Makwela sila at sobrang active sa mga events. They're probably hot in their server right now with all of those issues, but hey, I still had fun hanging out with them. Goodluck to all of your endeavors! ^_~

Thanks to Bossing Lucius and Lightbreeze for the info and images.

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Saracen said...

Left me out as a founding member of BH before either Victorias or AngelHeartz (they were still in the faction penalty phase). If I remember correctly, I was the third member, though never on the "ruling council". Leaving me out does make BH look more like a PH-flavored faction, but perhaps that's intentional since you are the PH community manager. And of course one of the chief reasons I left BH was the consolidation of their PH identity meant constantly shafting me. No need to rewrite history to testify that BH is a hometown faction now. ~Saracen

saracen said...

Ps. I hope your visit made clear that by "whiners" BH means anyone who proposes that their illegal activities limited.

Veya said...

FYI, the questions are all answered by Lucius; please read thoroughly, i do not engage in any personal conflicts among the members in a faction nor do i take sides in any matters. the answers during the interview were answered by them. if you wish to confront them, do so. but do not take it out on me just because i did a feature article to them. every faction i visit are according to the fv schedule visitation in the forums. we do not implicate that they are vip or special in any sort. so do not make any false accusations against me or my visit in the said faction.