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New Moon: Interesting New Cast

Sunday, November 22, 2009 by Bea

I may not be a fan of the said first and second movie, however the new casts had definitely took my interest. Once I saw their faces last Friday, that part was one of the few scenes that woke me up from my boredom.

First off, the lovely Dakota Fanning was Jane. She was totally adorable and all grown up for the said movie. I like her outfit too.

Second, Jamie Campbell Bower, the guy who was singing "Joanna" in the Sweeney Todd movie is now Caius in New Moon. Oh by the way, he's also taking part of the next Harry Potter movie. Go figure~

Third, Christopher Heyerdahl took part in the Chronicles of Riddick, and famous in the series "Sanctuary," which I'm also watching in the SciFi channel, is now Marcus in New Moon.

Last, one of my favorite actors, Michael Sheen, ex-husband of Kate Beckinsale, and the famous Lucian of Underworld is now a vampire, Aro. I'd have to laugh, since he was the leader of the Lycans, the werewolves, now the leader of Volturi, the vampires.

Quite a twist in the roles, just sad that they had small parts in the movie. If they had more dialogue and roles soon, the movie may have hope in the future with these kind of actors and actresses.

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