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Newbie VS Pro

Monday, May 4, 2009 by Bea

I've come across many jobs as much as the games that I've played before and currently, and sometimes I ponder on how many things I've experience lately.

This is where a lot of people would analyze a freshman graduate spilling coffee and papers altogether on his/her first day at the office at his/her desk quoting "newbie pa kasi."

It's when a player killsteals or die during a PK or in-game wars, trashtalking and shouting to the world "NOOB KA TALAGA!

While walking around in Ayala Avenue, seeing people looking young and about 20 or 21, with a brown envelope or a folder with their full names in black Pentel pen ink, you would say that is a typical fresh graduate on their way to a 20-story or higher building trying to find ways on not sweating in their blazers or long-sleeved coats, not to stammer during their interview, and not to totally mess up their chance on working on a very prestige and formal company.

When going around in-game, wearing your +10 and above armors and weapons, you'll see in the market next to the beginner NPC is a bunch of players in their beginner's clothes, and chatting around asking for gold and where to's and how to's of the game.

These situations are quite similar, and in which made me smile and think more:

Will they make it? How can they make it? What will they do once they get their first paycheck or first high-level equipment?

Will they say, hey, I ain't no newbie anymore! Look at me now! and laughs endlessly?

Sometimes people ought to think back and say "we've been there, and we can totally relate to you." It's not that bad before when you look intimidated by people around you. And it's human to smile and feel relieved that you made it, and be proud on what you've accomplished. Just try to keep your feet on the ground, and make sure you still remember on where you've been before...

There is no newbie or pro - there's only you and me - and the cycle of life and reality. 'Nuff said~

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GMRaven said...

True enough. :)

Anonymous said...

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zuheltzer said...

So true vey, now if only this person called Dominica read this...oh wait he RMT-ed his way to expertise.

Jezzel said...

I think, all of us are newbies at somethings and not so much at some things. I've always believed in the fact that there is no perfect being or thing. Always, there is a room for improvement. :)