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Aftermath: e-Games Domination II

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 by Bea

2 nights of no sleep again, then I went to SMX Convention Center and arrived at 7AM, in time for preparing all my printouts, managing the marshalls, and teaching the model and the host on what to do. Basically all of the activities and program were from me & Ivee, and the conducting and implementation it was done by me. ~_~

I didn't know what happened downstairs, but good thing our events coordinator, Pinnacle, had pictures of the crowd outside.

Before, if my Cervantes mates had noticed, I took screenshots (besides for the article) of the ship in Bahia port because it was much brighter there. I also took screenshots of Lisa Lynway for the costume of our host.

Most of our food & drink sponsors had setup their booth as well outside, and I was thinking that most of the players were energetic because of Extra Joss and Pepsi altogether. XD

The Official GE Booth ladies~

Veya, Erika, Ara~

Regional Product Manager Jon and CM Hrin doing the "Duel Challenge" of the GE booth~

Jon cheats! XD~ (just kidding! ^^v)

The activities: freeplay and the offline passport (Duel Challenge) was the ones that were very much enjoyed by most of the new gamers and participants.

The GE cosplayers are now increasing, so I must say, as a former cosplayer, I am so grateful and proud~!

Thanks to Fiksdotter for the FengLing picture. Pinnacle for the rest of the piccies. ^^;

And of course, ArcadeDoll won the Best Female Cosplayer.

Online Tournaments~
Tournament of Champions: Face/Off
New Settlers Battle
War of the Factions

So far we had to decide that the 4 Factions during the WOTF will win since we ran out of time to finish the semi-finals. The rest of the online tournaments went smoothly, with some pasaway along the way. ^^;

TOC: Visayas Team
For the third time in GE tournament history, Visayas has yet once again claimed their championship title, but this time, they are from Dumaguete, in which this is also the first time that the team went to Manila and also first time to join in such a tournament.

Besides the in-game prizes that we provided to Ramstedt Barrameda and Erwin Marcelino, the e-Games major sponsors also provided lots of goodie bags, and taking a sneak peak, is that they've received a phonekit as well.

Other winner details now posted at: http://granadoespadaph.multiply.com/

PH Commmunity Heroes awardees

Faction Recognition

Most Loyal

Most Active
ˆ…PH ©â®ê…ˆ

Kidding around~
Aside from lots of activities, I tried to sneak in a few snapshots, and thanks to media & press for also taking lots of pics & interviews.

I want a faction t-shirt! XD~

New World Quiz Bee had been postponed. This was due to the crowd control in the booth and the continuous online tournament in which the chairs cannot be used for the said activity. But I must say, our Kuya bouncer was doing a good job for controlling the crowd, coz a lot were still loitering on the tournament area.

My thanks to Nikko and all GE booth marshalls for helping us out, and TJ & Glenn for the game tourney assistance.

We would also like to thank Palit for the videocards as prizes for various activities.
Check this out: Lumiere Deesse for the event pictures. (credit according to the photographers I've listed out on the description page)

I'll be posting the NSB and WOTF winner details soon, as well as our choice for Baron & Baroness, and allow me a week to process all the participants details, and their choices so that I could send them to IAHGames for them to insert the prizes in your inventory and such.

Thank you my dear GE PH community~! My big xoxo to everyone who supported us!
Next stop: GE anniversary! XD~

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Anonymous said...

That was a great event and actually my first time for such event =) and also, my first time to have an EB for an online game since I stay in the province for my studies but now that I've graduated, I can now join events such as these =) It's nice to see your friends in game personally and also to take some pictures with some cosplayers and CM's. I wish I had a solo pic with Veya ^^ but didnt get the chance since she was so busy =) -Bluethorne[Hellraiders Faction]

Veya said...

next time, grab me~! XD or ambush me ^^

there'll be more GE events, and we promise to provide more entertainment as much as we could for the community :)

my big thanks for you being there. the presence of the GE PH community made the event successful. ^_~

Hahaziah said...


Wala pic namen kase walang banner~ ;w; Ah well, we were too shy to show our humble banner, pasaway kase mga fationmates ko late na nag-confirm na sasama sa event kaya madalian yung nagawa~ >3>

» Hahaziah

Veya said...

ok lang, keep it and use it on future GE events! :D

*hugs j0o*

Bluethorne said...

when would that be? hmm, hope to have a pic with you soon *blush* sensya po, so shy talaga on grabbing you on that day XD next time po ha? can I take you home? just kidding ^_^ take care...

Veya said...

ahahaha ganun~! :P
basta more upcoming events ^_^